Our society is deranged.

As a kid, if a boy was mean to you, that meant he liked you. If he pulled your pigtails, stole your stationary and made fun of you, he was just trying to show his affection. For some reason, society deemed this as a good thing.

Girls were taught that when a boy is mean and rude to her, it means he has a crush on you. Abuse was used as a sign of love. Now we have grown up to be bigger girls and women.

The same society that accepted boys abusing girls to show endearment now berates the bigger girls for falling in love with guys who are not nice. We make fun of the women that stay with insolent men, we put down women and girls who pine after guys who are offensive and unpleasant.

What does this say about us? About our values and views? Why is it so bizarre to expect some respect from boys and men? Why is it too much to ask for a guy who respects women and her feelings and does not belittle them?

Our society is deranged.

Children’s garden of verses.

I should like to rise and go

Where the golden apples grow-

Where below another sky

Parrot islands anchored lie,

And, watched by cockatoos and goats,

Lonely crusoes building boats,-

Where in the sunshine reaching out

Eastern cities, miles about

Are with mosque and minaret

Among sandy gardens set,

And the rich goods from near and far

Hang for sale in the bazaar,-

Where the great wall around China goes,

And one side the desert blows,

And with the bell and voice and drum,

Cities on the other hum,-

Where are forests hot as fire,

Wide as England, tall as a spire,

Full of apes and cocoa-nuts

And the negro hunter’s huts,-

Where the knotty crocodile

Lies and blinks in the Nile,

And the red flamingo flies

Hunting fish before his eyes,-

Where in jungles near and far,

Man-devouring tigers are,

Lying close and giving ear

Lest the hunt be drawing near,

Or a comer-by be seen

Swinging in a palanquin,-

Where among the desert sands

Some deserted city stands,

All its children,sweep and prince,

Grown to manhood ages since,

Not a foot in street or house,

Not stir of child or mouse,

And when kindly falls the night,

In all the town no spark of light.

There I’ll come when I’m a man

With a camel caravan;

Light a fire in the gloom

Of some dusty dining room;

See the pictures on the walls,

Heroes,fights and festivals;

And in a corner find the toys

Of the old Egyptian boys.


NOTE : This not my poem, this the poem that inspired me and showed me that I could write poems too. It is also the first real poem I read ( nursery rhymes don’t count ) and my favorite poem.

Mini And The Box

Mini was always dirty and untidy. She never took care of her things, and when she would need anything she would shout, ‘Mummy, where is my….?. Her mother had got tired of her. So her mother thought of an idea.One day she called out to Mini and said,” I will keep a box out in the balcony, whenever I find anything on the floors or where its not supposed to be, then I am going to dump it all in the box ” Mini agreed but never stopped leaving her things around and as you can expect her mother dumped all the stuff she found in the box. Now it was a little easier for Mini and her mother because if Mini wanted anything , she could go straight to the box. One day, it suddenly started raining and the box was still out in the balcony ! Mini also had a party that day and guess what ?! Her party dress was in the box ! When Mini was getting ready and needed her dress she found out that the dress was all wet and dirty ! Poor Mini couldn’t go to the party and had to stay at home. I think that you and I and Mini all learned a lesson; always take care of your stuff ! ( Ps. Mini then became the cleanest person you would ever see ! )

Kindness Returned

50 years ago there was a man, who loved giving parties every birthday. His parties were always wonderful and he would invite many friends and relatives. One birthday when he was looking at his presents with his servant, he heard a rustling sound in the curtains behind him. The man whispered to his servant, “Keep on talking. I think there is a thief in the house”. The servant was surprised, but he kept on talking. The man suddenly put his hand in the curtain and dragged out a young man.”A thief ! , servant, bring this man the best food we have.” Both the servant and the thief were surprised. The servant brought  the food and the thief started eating hungrily. 

“Now, young man, tell me why do you steal?” asked the man. “I need food and clothes for myself” ” Is that all ?”  “Yes” The man hands a bag of gold coins to the thief and says, “Here, take this bag of coins and buy yourself food and clothes.” “Thank you so much, someday our paths might cross and I will help you.” The thief said and went away. The man and his servant resume their work.

40 years later, the man becomes a pauper. He loses all his money and his friends and relatives leave him. On his fortieth birthday his servant informs him that he has a visitor.”Call him in, though what a visitor would want with a poor old man, I don’t know.”

The visitor comes in, he is handsomely dressed and and has an air of a gentelman. “Hello, old man, I hope you remember me !” The old man looks up and sees it is the thief who had tried to rob his house. “With the money you gave me , I started a small business of my own, and that business grew large. Now I am the biggest merchant of this city.” continues the merchant. “Well,What do you want now ?” asks the old man. “I want you to take this bag as a present from me.” “What is in it ?” the old man asks curiously. “see for yourself” the merchant replies. The old man opens the bag and out pours a stream of gold coins ! “I am just returning the money you gave me ” the merchant says. Both the old man and the merchant and also the servant rejoice and this time the merchant provides the best food he has.

Stop Nail Art

Why do women apply nail polish and do not remove it.Muslim women ,as i had seen a lot of times do not remove their when praytime comes near. Do you have to go farther from your GOD just for the sake of decorating nails

The monkey and the mirror

On the the long days of summer, there was a hungry monkey lying on the branch of a nearby tree. Suddenly his eyes fell on the bunch of bananas in the room, of the house across the road. he swung back and fro till he reached the house. And with a blink of an eye he was in the house. When  he reached the house, he found out that there was another monkey already there standing on the wall. “oh! that monkey is going to take my bananas, I will teach him a lesson.” the monkey thought. so he went forward and started fighting with the monkey on the  wall.Just then he heard a voice behind him.”Meow,Meow, whom are you fighting with? you silly monkey! the other monkey is just your reflection in the mirror.”There was a cat on the window sill. The monkey was angry and dreadful.He knocked down the mirror and went away leaving the bananas behind. Isn’t he a silly monkey!

Topsy Turvy Part 2

We are going to reach home Pearl .Suddenly Peter shouted, ” I say, there is a cottage. Let’s go ask for shelter “. they walked on until they reached the cottage, but it was a very strange cottage,it had two bright red wings! Suddenly a strong wind started blowing. ” It is a wind race I guess so”. No sooner had Pearl said this, Two people raced Off, knocking down the children. Peter turned to shout at them, but he could not see them. Again those two came to knock out the children, but Peter caught one’s hand, the other raced away. Now those children got a scare when they  saw the person, he was made of Wind. “Who are you?, What do want?” Peter asked him. ” I am the Wind Knocker” The wind knocker pushed Peter and made his way through. Pearl asked ” There is something written on the cottage. Help me read?” “WISHING COTTAGE”. They read. “What will you wish for?”. They both asked. “I will wish for Home” ” Me too” they went inside and wished HOME . Fluttering of wings and they were home.They rushed inside to tell their mother about their adventures. They still have the WISHING COTTAGE, won’t it be fun if it were mine?

The End