The monkey and the mirror

On the the long days of summer, there was a hungry monkey lying on the branch of a nearby tree. Suddenly his eyes fell on the bunch of bananas in the room, of the house across the road. he swung back and fro till he reached the house. And with a blink of an eye he was in the house. When  he reached the house, he found out that there was another monkey already there standing on the wall. “oh! that monkey is going to take my bananas, I will teach him a lesson.” the monkey thought. so he went forward and started fighting with the monkey on the  wall.Just then he heard a voice behind him.”Meow,Meow, whom are you fighting with? you silly monkey! the other monkey is just your reflection in the mirror.”There was a cat on the window sill. The monkey was angry and dreadful.He knocked down the mirror and went away leaving the bananas behind. Isn’t he a silly monkey!


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