Kindness Returned

50 years ago there was a man, who loved giving parties every birthday. His parties were always wonderful and he would invite many friends and relatives. One birthday when he was looking at his presents with his servant, he heard a rustling sound in the curtains behind him. The man whispered to his servant, “Keep on talking. I think there is a thief in the house”. The servant was surprised, but he kept on talking. The man suddenly put his hand in the curtain and dragged out a young man.”A thief ! , servant, bring this man the best food we have.” Both the servant and the thief were surprised. The servant brought  the food and the thief started eating hungrily. 

“Now, young man, tell me why do you steal?” asked the man. “I need food and clothes for myself” ” Is that all ?”  “Yes” The man hands a bag of gold coins to the thief and says, “Here, take this bag of coins and buy yourself food and clothes.” “Thank you so much, someday our paths might cross and I will help you.” The thief said and went away. The man and his servant resume their work.

40 years later, the man becomes a pauper. He loses all his money and his friends and relatives leave him. On his fortieth birthday his servant informs him that he has a visitor.”Call him in, though what a visitor would want with a poor old man, I don’t know.”

The visitor comes in, he is handsomely dressed and and has an air of a gentelman. “Hello, old man, I hope you remember me !” The old man looks up and sees it is the thief who had tried to rob his house. “With the money you gave me , I started a small business of my own, and that business grew large. Now I am the biggest merchant of this city.” continues the merchant. “Well,What do you want now ?” asks the old man. “I want you to take this bag as a present from me.” “What is in it ?” the old man asks curiously. “see for yourself” the merchant replies. The old man opens the bag and out pours a stream of gold coins ! “I am just returning the money you gave me ” the merchant says. Both the old man and the merchant and also the servant rejoice and this time the merchant provides the best food he has.