Mini And The Box

Mini was always dirty and untidy. She never took care of her things, and when she would need anything she would shout, ‘Mummy, where is my….?. Her mother had got tired of her. So her mother thought of an idea.One day she called out to Mini and said,” I will keep a box out in the balcony, whenever I find anything on the floors or where its not supposed to be, then I am going to dump it all in the box ” Mini agreed but never stopped leaving her things around and as you can expect her mother dumped all the stuff she found in the box. Now it was a little easier for Mini and her mother because if Mini wanted anything , she could go straight to the box. One day, it suddenly started raining and the box was still out in the balcony ! Mini also had a party that day and guess what ?! Her party dress was in the box ! When Mini was getting ready and needed her dress she found out that the dress was all wet and dirty ! Poor Mini couldn’t go to the party and had to stay at home. I think that you and I and Mini all learned a lesson; always take care of your stuff ! ( Ps. Mini then became the cleanest person you would ever see ! )


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