Our society is deranged.

As a kid, if a boy was mean to you, that meant he liked you. If he pulled your pigtails, stole your stationary and made fun of you, he was just trying to show his affection. For some reason, society deemed this as a good thing.

Girls were taught that when a boy is mean and rude to her, it means he has a crush on you. Abuse was used as a sign of love. Now we have grown up to be bigger girls and women.

The same society that accepted boys abusing girls to show endearment now berates the bigger girls for falling in love with guys who are not nice. We make fun of the women that stay with insolent men, we put down women and girls who pine after guys who are offensive and unpleasant.

What does this say about us? About our values and views? Why is it so bizarre to expect some respect from boys and men? Why is it too much to ask for a guy who respects women and her feelings and does not belittle them?

Our society is deranged.


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